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When you need to paint an auditory picture, grab your audience's attention, or spark an emotional response…great scripts, great voices and great production are critical to the success of your films and narrative recordings.

Our voices, scripts, acoustic treatments, high grade recording equipment, and sophisticated post processing techniques combine to deliver the clarity, impact and emotion you need.

And if the production requires your own voice, we can offer an on-site recording session. We'll then edit and process the recordings to make you sound like a pro.


Rick Allen - US (new)

Sharon Dominey - UK

Julian Croot - UK

Kim Wilson - (US)

Peter Rowe-Blackman - UK


Podcasting is a great way to engage with your audience without demanding time from their physical activities.
And with the prevalence of mobile technology, podcasting is enjoying an enormous growth in popularity.

The good news is most podcasts can be easily produced on a small budget, and for a basic production all you really need is a plan, a microphone and a recorder.

But things can get a little more complicated with multiple participants, or if you're looking for a more polished production.

Either way, we can help get you started on your own, or take ownership of the production for you.

Below is a censored sample from a corporate podcast produced with our support.


Whilst we license third party music for use in your productions, sometimes it can be too expensive, and sometimes your production demands something more bespoke.

We can therefore, on occasion and at your request, create our own musical compositions for use in podcasts, e-learning and films.

Electronic sequence (Julian Croot)

Brass / Orchestra (Julian Croot)

Epic score (Julian Croot)

We have more full music tracks available here.


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