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We design and build e-learning modules from the ground up, with interactive elements & assessments so you can track the learning that's taken place.

Our instructional and creative design flair, combined with our ability to create and integrate high quality audio & video, results in unique and effective modules that stand out from the e-learning crowd.


We modularise content and present it in ways that boosts understanding and aids retention.

We build logical and flexible navigation for users, with optional assurance controls for content owners.

We can build all your e-learning and media components, and integrate them seamlessly into a versatile, engaging and measurable learning solution.

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  • Q. What authoring tools do you use?

    We are constantly reviewing the market and use industry leading development tools available at the time. However, our preferred tool is currently Adobe Captivate, which enables us to provide desktop and mobile friendly content in HTML5, SWF, and interactive PDF formats, as well as supporting a number of LMS platforms.

  • Q. Will your content be compatible with our LMS?

    Almost certainly yes. Typically, we'll provide HTML5 content bundled in a SCORM wrapper as a .zip file. However we can deliver in other formats too. if this sounds like a load of techno-babble, we'd be happy to speak with your LMS manager and help figure out what you need.

  • Q. Can we update the course content ourselves after you've created it?

    Yes. Once the course has been developed and signed off, we'd be happy to release the development files for you to update the content yourself. Please note that to do this you'll need access to the same software we used to create the content. If you'd prefer, we can also take ownership of future amendments for you.

  • Q. Can we report on delegate progress and test results?

    Yes. Once uploaded to your Learning Management System (LMS), you'll be able to report on many aspects of performance, including test results and course progress.


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