video tutorials and narrated process guides.


Our video tutorials can include a mix of live action filming, screen recordings, voiceovers, music and sound effects.

You provide the subject matter, and we provide the script writing expertise and know-how to convey your subject matter with speed and clarity in an engaging short video.


Our narrated process guides are used to describe a system process, and they are a faster, more accessible alternative to e-learning.

And the great thing is, you don't need to install any software for us to record your systems.

• We'll record your screens without software.
• We'll narrate the process with a real voice.
• We'll edit the screen recordings to match the pace of the voiceovers.
• We'll provide visual emphasis (e.g. zooms and highlights) on appropriate key points, or add hand gestures to illustrate interactions with a touch interface.

Click the button below to learn how our software free screen recording process works and how it could help you.


Click each stage of production below to find out what's involved:


    • We'll ask you to prepare narrative scripts accurately describing your processes. We'll then review them and suggest changes to improve word efficiency and flow. This is a critical step, so we'll help you get it right.


    • We'll record your system processes at your premises, and you won’t need to install any screen recording software for us to do this.
    • We'll create the voiceover recordings separately in our studio.
    • If desired, we'll mix the voiceovers with an appropriate 'royalty free' music track.


    • We'll edit the screen recordings to match the pace of the voiceovers, and to provide visual emphasis (e.g. zooms and highlights) on appropriate key points. We can also add hand gestures to illustrate interactions with a touch interface.
    • We'll add mouse & keyboard sounds if required.
    • We'll add your company's branding and text overlays if required.


    • We'll make the completed videos available in any size and format you need, and help identify the right format if you're not sure.


Click questions to reveal the answer:

  • Q. How do you record our systems without software?

    We use an array of external video converters, adapters and recorders connected to your device's graphics output. Its a very discreet operation that draws on our expertise and experience to cope with almost any circumstance.

  • Q. What devices can you record from?

    We can record from desktop computers, laptops, iOS mobile, most Android mobile devices, and more. However we cannot record content that's HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) encrypted, e.g. movies or television programmes.

  • Q. What's the quality like?

    In practical terms, the quality of the recording exceeds the capability of most computer monitors. The final production quality will be limited only by your delivery format requirements.

  • Q. What's the turnaround time?

    Once the scripts have been finalised, a 1-2 minute video can be recorded, voiced, edited and delivered in as little as 2-3 working days. The pro-rata production time for larger projects may be be shorter. However, timings will vary according to your specific requirements and availability.

  • Q. Can the video be incorporated within an existing e-learning programme?

    Yes. We'll deliver your videos in whatever size and format you need so they can be added to your own e-learning design project. We'd also be happy to quote separately for the creation of a SCORM compliant e-learning module with your video(s) inside it.


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