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When you need to provide fast, easy and accessible information about a system or process, a narrated 'screen guide' is ideal.

Whether its for new staff training or to introduce new ways of working, a screen guide or 'application video tutorial' is a great alternative or companion to e-learning.

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We define an explainer video to be one that requires additional live action video or animated elements to convey the message.

This may be the presence of an on-screen tutor, custom motion graphics, or a sequence of filmed events.

These can cost a little more to produce, but they also provide the visual references your audience may require to understand more physical or complex information.


Video has the unique ability to carry emotion and intent through body language, words, lighting, movements, music, story telling etc, which makes it an extremely powerful medium with which to connect with your audience.

The scope and scale of a video production can vary enormously, but from 'talking heads' to promotional videos and films,
we'll channel your message into an appropriately styled, authentic production that tells your story with the dynamism and emotive power it deserves.

If you need to be filmed directly, but you're nervous about the prospect, please be assured that we understand and have all the tools and techniques to help you shine.

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Running a conference, training or a one-off event?
Let us document the occasion so you can reach those not in attendance with a full length feature or highlight film.

We can include speeches, group activities, and interviews before, during and after the event.


If you're an artist looking for an expertly produced music video, we'd love to hear from you.

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"From the start you have professionally guided us through the process, being clear on what will and wont work. Your professional appearance and demeanour really put people at ease and meant we got some great content." Andrea Place, Royal London
"Julian turned the work around really quickly and professionally. He worked really hard to deliver an incredibly polished product in a very short space of time. He turned around our feedback really quickly and was fantastic at bringing our ideas to life.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Picturedmedia's services and look forward to working with them again in future."
Sìan Brown, Executive Assistant to Chris Oglesby (Bruntwood)
"Absolutely superb. No hesitancy in recommending Picturedmedia's work." Basil Creese, The Xtraordinary Gentlemen.
"I'm extremely happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend." Gareth Bradley, Director of GHSB Training Limited.
"The development process was conducted expertly. End product is clear and professional. " Sean Thorpe, Abcul Academy.


You are welcome to contact us at any time, or use the form below to send us a message. However you may find you are better able to articulate your video requirements after consulting the form on this page.

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