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We believe the creative process should be collaborative and fun, with the ultimate goal of delivering a product that leaves you tingling with pride and motivation.

We listen to you, we think and act creatively, and we use the very best equipment to ensure your content looks, feels and sounds professional, authentic and engaging.

If you have a product or service to promote, a story to tell, or an occasion to document, we'd love to hear about it.
And if you'd like to discuss a possible film or video production with Picturedmedia, please get in touch for a no-obligation chat.


Call or contact us today to discuss any of the following film production services:

• Promotional film
• Communications
• Interviews
• Events coverage
• Cinematography
• Post production


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  • Q. I'm being filmed for an interview where I talk to the camera, but I'm nervous. What happens if I forget my lines or mess up?

    Don't worry …we can provide you with a teleprompter if you need it. However, please note, we'll need access to your final scripts at least 1 working day before the shoot. This is so we can load it into the teleprompter.

    We'll make you look and sound amazing, so please relax, have fun, and remember…no-one needs to see the outtakes (unless you want them to!).

  • Q. What's your equipment?

    We own a suite of professional broadcast grade cinema cameras and equipment, and can acquire/deliver content in Cinema 4K RAW, 10Bit UHD 4K (suitable for broadcast), and YouTube / Internet ready formats.
    Below is an overview of the kit we have immediately available for production.

    Main camera selection:
    • Canon CinemaEOS C200
    • Panasonic GH5S + Metabones speedbooster
    • Canon EOS R
    • DJI Mavic (drone)
    • Canon and Sigma professional series lenses

    Video recorders
    • Atomos Inferno 4K HDR Prores recorder
    • Atomos Ninja Blade 1080 HD Prores recorder

    Audio equipment
    • Sennheiser Evolution G3 Transmitter & Receiver Kit (x2), plus cardioid and omni-directional lavalier microphones
    • Shure SM7B (+ Cloudlifter) & KSM32 microphones
    • Rode NT2A (x2), NTG3, NT3, & 2x Lavalier microphones
    • Boompole
    • Blimp windscreen
    • Tascam DR10 pocket recorders (x2)
    • Roland R09 & R26 multi-channel field recorders
    • Apogee Duet & Quartet audio interfaces

    • Aputure COB C120t, COB C120d, Ameran 671c (x2), Ameran 576 (x4), Ameran 198c, M9
    • Full size Aputure Light Dome softbox
    • Aputure Space light
    • Fresnel lens for COB lights

    • Chroma Key background and frame
    • Chroma key body suit

    Support equipment and accessories
    • Tripod & fluid video head (x3)
    • Monopod & fluid head
    • Slider
    • Shoulder rig
    • Jib crane
    • Light stands (x10)
    • Motorised gimbal
    • Matt box
    • Follow focus

    The scale and type of production will determine what's appropriate, but If you have specific technical delivery requirements, please contact us for more information.

  • Q. What's the turnaround time?

    Timings will vary according to the project requirements, including the type of production, location, pre and post-production activities, delivery formats and overall duration of the film.
    So, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we'll provide an estimate. Your initial consultation is free of charge.

    However, some types of production can be a little more predictable. So, for a High Definition interview recording in a staged setting, we would typically expect to obtain 5-10 minutes of completed video from 1 days filming, with post production adding between 2 and 5 working days to delivery.

  • Q. Can the video be incorporated within an existing e-learning programme?

    Yes. We'll deliver your videos in whatever size and format you need so they can be added to your own e-learning design project. We'd also be happy to quote separately for the creation of a SCORM compliant e-learning module with your video(s) inside it.


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