Articles and videos documenting our journey, topical thoughts and highlights.

Originally posted to Linkedin, this video sees Julian speak about video vs e-learning.

Need a great quality USB microphone that doesn't break the bank? Fifine Technology sent me one to review.
Watch this video to find out what I think of it.

Some 'behind the scenes' footage of the filming for the second 'The Extraordinary Gentlemen' music video.
The entire music video was shot in one short day with lots of different angles and movements.
Special thanks to Andrew 'Kid Justice' Farnsworth for rekindling his role as creative assistant.

A music video we shot for the Extraordinary Gentlemen, followed by a little 'behind the scenes' footage and an exclusive interview with the band members Brother B and G-Influence.
This one's a long one, so grab a brew and get comfortable.

It took about 3 years, but Julian finally decides to turn a small camera on himself and take a day out on his bicycle to say hello. No fancy production, just Julian + a small camera and an even smaller drone in his backpack.


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